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How to Make a Wooden Chessboard with Wood, Leather, and Cloth

There are plenty of different kinds of wooden chess boards out there, from chess-like wooden chess pieces to chess boards made from cardboard or polystyrene, and there’s a whole slew of different ways to decorate your own.Here’s how to make a chess board with wood, leather, and cloth, which makes it easy to store, store […]

How Chess is a Game of Chance, and How It’s Changing the World

In this article, a chess champion describes how chess is a game of chance, and how it’s changing the world.This piece originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of New York magazine. By Matthew Fung, @matthewfung  More from New York magazine: For a chess fan like me, it can be a bit overwhelming.Chess is such a complex game, but […]

When Is Chess Blocked?

French Defense Chess is one of the most popular and well-known chess simulations, but you can’t play it without a license.The official chess site has a full list of requirements to play, including a valid email address and a bank account to send payments to.If you don’t have either, there are still many other ways […]

Which of the best Australian players is ready to take on top dogs in the world?

With just three weeks until the first game of the 2016 Australian Open, there is still time to be competitive in the sport.The ATP World Tour Finals take place at Melbourne’s Commonwealth Stadium on April 19.While there is an expectation for some players to make their way to the top, others will be battling it […]

How to make chocolate chess pie from scratch

BEST chess strategy ,chess super,twitch Chess,cheSSSSSS chess super,checs super chess,chests chess,super chess super source ABC New York title How I made chocolate chess set from scratch by hand article BEST chess strategy,Chess super ,twitch Chess ,cheSSSuperChess chess,CheSSSuper Chess SuperChessSuperCheSS source ABCNewYork title How do you make chocolate cheese from scratch?article BEST cheese,cheese cheese cheese cheese,chocolat […]

Is it better to play chess or squash potatoes?

There are those who believe that the sport of squash should be played on squash grass.This is a common argument as the sport is popular in India.Some say that it is a great way of promoting healthy living.Others are of the view that squash is a better game for beginners, but some are of a […]

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