“Beth’s Chess Set” is the only metal chess set on Amazon that is truly made for chess players.

The Beth’s Chess set is an original design and a perfect match for your modern game.The pieces are handcrafted and have been hand selected to match the game of chess.The set includes: 1x Beth’s Black Queen and 1x Black King.2x Black Chess Pieces, each with 1 piece of gold.2 chess pieces, each hand crafted from […]

A new Lego chess set comes with a new twist

Posted March 16, 2018 12:04:23It’s time for another set of Lego chess pieces to hit the market.For the last few years, Lego has offered a series of chess sets based on a variety of famous chess pieces.But this latest offering, which debuted at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, has some unique elements.Here’s what you […]

How to Play Chess Best Online: What is the best chess board online?

chess board numbers best online Chess board numbers Best Online chess board number chess board best online board chess board statistics chess board board best chess best chess chess board chess game chess board game best chess game best game chess chess best board best board chess best online,checs board best,chesternews best chess,online chess board,chester […]

A supercomputer’s answer to the search for the holy grail of high-performance computing

On the eve of the World Chess Championship, IBM is bringing a high-end chess set to market with a revolutionary design and a new way to analyze the game.This new system can be used to identify players on the board and determine who is best positioned to make a move or score points, helping to […]

When to buy the best chess strategy for your life

It’s not that chess is a boring game.Its that you are trying to figure out what moves to make and what to keep in mind when you’re playing.There are countless strategies for every position, but the most popular strategy is probably “play it out.”And that’s the strategy most people try to follow.That’s because it’s the […]

How to Make a Wooden Chessboard with Wood, Leather, and Cloth

There are plenty of different kinds of wooden chess boards out there, from chess-like wooden chess pieces to chess boards made from cardboard or polystyrene, and there’s a whole slew of different ways to decorate your own.Here’s how to make a chess board with wood, leather, and cloth, which makes it easy to store, store […]

How Chess is a Game of Chance, and How It’s Changing the World

In this article, a chess champion describes how chess is a game of chance, and how it’s changing the world.This piece originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of New York magazine. By Matthew Fung, @matthewfung  More from New York magazine: For a chess fan like me, it can be a bit overwhelming.Chess is such a complex game, but […]

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