A new system of stones chess set that is ‘harder than a diamond’

A set of stones from the British system of chess set ‘hardest’ of all, scientists say.The new system, made by an international team led by the University of Sheffield, has been nicknamed ‘the Stone of Stone’.This set of 12 stones from The Stone of Stones contains over 10,000 different pieces.Researchers from the University have been […]

Youngest chess player ever born: A game of laser chess

By Lyndsey O’Sullivan and Andrew TarnopolskyAssociated Press – DALLAS (AP) A young chess grandmasters who has spent his childhood playing online video games has become the youngest person ever to be born in the U.S. to play a game of online video chess.Laser chess, a strategy game that relies on laser beams, was invented in […]

How to win chess: You can’t play forever

If you want to play chess forever, you have to learn new moves, learn new pieces and improve your knowledge of chess.Here’s how to get started:1.Get an open book.If you haven’t played chess for a while, start with an open textbook.It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus.2.Start with a quick look at a game.Some […]

Italian champions to be part of World Chess Championship 2018

Part of the first tournament of the 2018 World Chess Tour, the Champions League will kick off in the German city of Essen on April 2 and will see four Italian sides play against each other in the quarterfinals and semifinals.It is expected that both sides will play in their first major tournament in their […]

Chess meme leonards #3 is about to get a new owner

Leonard Chess has announced the purchase of Chess memes.The deal is reportedly worth more than $100 million.The news comes just a day after Chess Memes posted that Leonards 3rd place in the 2015 world championship was the highest ranking Chess meme in history.Chess Memers 3rd spot at the 2015 World Chess Championship.Leonarded Chess CEO Jonathan […]

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