A new book says it’s not the GOP’s fault but the country’s

By Matt Apuzzo – The American Conservatives, November 30, 2016″The real question is not whether the Republicans are right or wrong, but how they are going to change the way we talk about their policies,” wrote author Matthew Apuzzos in The American Tory.

“It’s not that they’re bad, or that their policies are bad, it’s that the country is still moving in the wrong direction.”

The author, a former GOP state senator, argues that while Republicans have been at fault for the economic meltdown of the last eight years, it was the country as a whole that is at fault.

He blames the failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform and the “deep and lasting” social and economic consequences of that on the party’s lack of economic competence, as well as their inability to deal with the pandemic of illegal immigration.

“The GOP has never been a party that believes in taking on the problems of the country,” he writes.

“It has always been a partisan party, and the party has been in the business of making the country better, but never at the expense of those who were most affected by the problems.

It’s been the other way around.

The author also argues that the “party has become more and more willing to let its voters feel like losers and be victims” and the failure of the GOP to tackle issues such as illegal immigration has left them “in a worse position than ever before.”

While the book is well-written and does a good job of explaining the facts, Apuzzozo doesn’t get much traction in his own conservative circles.

He’s currently a guest on Fox News and has a large following online.

The author has also written two other books: One is about a former Republican congressman who was convicted of fraud in 2012 and sentenced to a year in prison; the other is a satirical memoir of a former state senator.

Apuzzoos latest book, The Republican Party, was released on Tuesday and will be published on Wednesday.

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