Which of the best Australian players is ready to take on top dogs in the world?

With just three weeks until the first game of the 2016 Australian Open, there is still time to be competitive in the sport.The ATP World Tour Finals take place at Melbourne’s Commonwealth Stadium on April 19.While there is an expectation for some players to make their way to the top, others will be battling it […]

How to watch chess vs. checkers: Chess vs. Checkers is the #1 sport on the app store

Checkers player Alex Tsipras and challenger Alexander Zverev have the edge for the third and final round of the first-ever chess vs checker match, but there are still plenty of big names on the cards in the clash.Checkes’ main challenger, Alexei Gusev, is the former world chess champion, while the world number one, Garry Kasparov, […]

When does Netflix watch chess moves

Netflix is now streaming chess moves to its customers via the Netflix Chess app.The move to stream chess moves comes after Chess.com announced a partnership with Chess.TV last month, where Chess.tv customers can watch chess and chess moves from other streaming services.Chess moves were a popular topic of discussion when the news broke last month.Chess.net […]

How to make chess ultra portable for travel

A portable chess set is getting the love from travel bloggers and gamers alike.With its minimalist design and minimalistic build, the chess ultra is set to become a trend in the gaming world.It looks and feels just like a regular chess set.But when you set it up, the set takes up very little space.The chess […]

How to Draw Chess Ultra

With its hyperactive graphics and rapid-fire movements, chess ultra can be likened to a fast-paced online game.But unlike other online games, chess super requires players to interact with a virtual world and to play the game without a human opponent.The chess super website offers a new way to play chess that doesn’t rely on a […]

A new book says it’s not the GOP’s fault but the country’s

By Matt Apuzzo – The American Conservatives, November 30, 2016″The real question is not whether the Republicans are right or wrong, but how they are going to change the way we talk about their policies,” wrote author Matthew Apuzzos in The American Tory.“It’s not that they’re bad, or that their policies are bad, it’s that […]

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