‘Chess’ rules changed for 2018

RTE 1.05 has changed the rules for chess game tournaments, the European Chess Federation said on Monday.

The change means tournaments will no longer be open to the public, including chess players and organisers, for the first time since 2014.

The changes are due to the fact that some of the best players in the world are playing more than one event each year.

The European Chess Federations General Council said the new rules were introduced to “address the growing number of chess players who are playing multiple events”.

The new rules also make it more difficult for a chess player to win a tournament by default, allowing a player to apply for a maximum of six rounds.

Chess rules were also altered to remove a loophole whereby a player could win a top-ranked tournament but not the best-ranked chess tournament.

“This means that it is no longer possible to qualify for a tournament and still win the title of world champion in chess, even if the winner of the previous title was ranked in the top ten,” the EUF said.

“The most recent results in this category were determined by an automated method, which resulted in the winner having a higher seed.”

Therefore, in 2018, the best player in the country can no longer win the world championship in chess.

This means that a player must instead choose to play in a tournament in the second position and hope that the ranking in the previous round will not change.

“As a result, the number of possible winners is reduced.”

The rules were made possible after a survey of the top players in chess found that the number one ranked player was playing multiple tournaments at the same time, the EUCF said.

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