3D Chess Board Sets Set With 3D chess boards from 3D Games

2-3D chess board sets with 3D models from 3dgarden.com – 3D garden 3D board sets for your 3D computer, tablet or phone from 3garden 3d chess boards are a must have for your chess collection.The set consists of over 150 chess pieces and an assortment of chess pieces, including 3D miniature chess pieces.The chess pieces […]

Chess Online: F-Zero Gives Us an Open Challenge

Posted October 17, 2018 11:04:03 F-zero G is here!The latest F-ZERO installment in the series has just been released.I’m not going to talk much about the game, because it’s not a game I would be interested in playing, but it’s a great time to check out the latest game.I’ve had a chance to play the […]

When will chess be free?

Checkers vs Chess: A question of fairness, ethics and fairness.Chess is not only about getting ahead of the game.Checkers is about playing the game to the best of your ability.That is what makes it the ultimate game of chess.We have seen that in the most recent games between chess master Garry Kasparov and his challenger […]

When a chess rating falls, you don’t necessarily think about the piece it represents but rather about what it represents – Al Jazeera’s Ali Mamazi

When Al Jazeera World Service’s live chess rating system goes down, it’s a major headache for the operators of some of the world’s most prominent chess pieces.A number of commentators have warned that it’s about to be a problem for the world chess championship in 2018.But is it really?Is chess really changing?It’s hard to know.Many […]

Online Chess, online chess solver & chess games for Android & iPhone: ‘The game’s not finished yet’

The game’s been online for over a decade, but is now ready for a major overhaul.As of Monday morning, the game has been updated to Android 5.1 Lollipop.It’s now possible to play online games like chess and solitaire, and even play against AI opponents online.The new interface is designed to make the game feel as […]

What’s the best chess rating on the web?

Posted October 08, 2018 04:00:00 The best chess ratings are often very subjective.What makes one ranking different from the next is often not clear.But one thing is clear: A chess player needs a high-quality rating if they want to compete in the highest ranks of the chess world.One way to measure a player’s rating is […]

When chess becomes a reality: chess games against computers

Chess matches are the ultimate team sport, where two teams of players compete against each other for the title of chess champion.However, for the best chess matches to become a reality, players have to work together in order to play against computers.In a new article, a team of chess experts is going to give you […]

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