How much do you need to spend on a new TV?

The average price of a TV with a 4K resolution is now $2,928, according to a new study by the IHS iSuppli.

The average TV with 3D video is $1,739, while the average TV without 3D is $3,094.

If you want to get into gaming, the average price for a 4k display is $6,000, while 4K gaming on a 4-inch display is about $2.3 million.

IHS says the average value for a gaming monitor is $2 million.

The IHS study said the average cost of a 4G phone is about the same as a 4GB smartphone, though you need more for a 5G phone.

The study also said the price of the best-selling 4K TV is $10,000.

That’s $300 more than a typical 4K television, but less than the average smartphone.IHS says most TVs are getting cheaper, but they’re not all getting the same price drops.

The cheapest 4K TVs are now $900.

For most TVs, the cheapest smartphone is now about $600.

The best-sellers for 4K games are the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PS4 offering the most games.

The Xbox One is the best overall game console, according the study.

The cheapest 4G smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S6 edge, which has the most pixels on the screen, has been the cheapest for a long time.

But the S6 is getting more expensive.

I guess Samsung has to lower the price if the S7 edge is really worth it.

I can’t wait for Apple to release the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 is going to be the best phone of all time.

It has a lot of good features.

It’s a big phone, and it’s super-fast.

The price will go up if it goes to a bigger display, but the screen is going up in price because the pixels are getting bigger.

The new iPhones are going to blow my mind, but I don’t expect Apple to be a cheap phone.

I expect Apple will be very, very expensive.

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