How to beat the ‘Chess Queen’ of China: Why she’s one of the most feared players in the world

After winning the title of ‘chess queen’ of Asia, Wang Yu was sent packing to a distant country.

She returned in 2017, however, and became the world’s youngest ever chess grandmaster, becoming the first Asian-born grandmaster to hold the title.

Now a high-ranking official at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Wang has come to represent China’s interests in chess and other forms of international diplomacy.

Wang’s latest book, Chess: The Greatest Game of All, details her ascent from being a child to a high school student.

The book has already been translated into more than 30 languages, and is now available for purchase in the U.S. and other countries.

Wang Yu in Beijing.

(Photo: Courtesy of Wang Yu)In her book, Wang says that her father was “a very strict person” and “a little bit of a dictator,” and that he would “never let his kids play chess.”

She recalls being told by her mother, “You are my princess, and I am going to take you to my kingdom.”

Wang Yu’s father did not like that, so he ordered his son to leave.

“I don’t know if I should have gone with my mother,” she says.

“He told me that he was going to be punished if I didn’t go.”

Wang says she left her home with only the clothes on her back, and after a few days of traveling around the country, she finally landed in China.

But her family’s lives were in ruins, she says, because she didn’t speak English.

Her mother and father separated, and her mother became pregnant with her son.

Wang says her mother was “very angry” when she learned that her son was going away.

“My mother told me to get back to my village, to go to work, to do something,” Wang says.

Wang was a student at Shanghai University, and Wang says when she arrived in Beijing she was surprised to find the school completely empty.

Wang had no idea what to do, so she started teaching chess to Chinese students.

Wang is now the vice president of the Chess Association of China.

Her new book is her fourth and most recent book, but she says she is a very accomplished chess player.

“The most important thing in chess is to get the right result, to be on the right side,” Wang said.

Wang, now 28, has been a high profile chess player since the 1990s, and has played in some of the world top tournaments.

She has also written a few books on the subject, including The Chess Queen of Asia and The Chess King of China, both of which were translated into Chinese and released into English.

Wang also has been invited to join the World Chess Federation (WCF) in the coming years.

Wang and the WCF recently hosted a summit on China-India relations in Shanghai.

But Wang says it is important to remember that she is not a chess player, but a chess ambassador.

“Chess is very important for China, for the world,” Wang tells me.

“But I am a citizen of China and I’m an ambassador to China.”

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