How to play chess with a glass chess board?

By David Beasley, BBC News science editorA glass chess piece has won a prize at the Australian National Glass Chess Association (ANGA) Grand Championship.

A glass board was the last thing on the minds of the players of the second event of the Glass Chess Tournament, held at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney.

But the pieces are so light, they are easily held in place by the use of an ordinary piece of glass.

Glass Chess tournament at the ANGA Grand Championship, which took place in Sydney, on Friday nightThe tournament is open to all ages and the winners are crowned the Glass Chalk Champion.

In a twist, the winner of the tournament will receive a grand prize of a $1000 prize money.

In the final, the first player to get all seven pieces on the board wins.

The winners of the three-day Glass Chess tournament will be announced on Sunday.

Glass chess set has won the Glass Challenge.

The Glass Chess Board is a small glass chess base which contains two sets of eight pieces.

The winning pieces of each set can be placed on a small, round table to form a complete chess board.

The winner of this tournament will also receive a $1,000 prize money for their work.

The glass chessboard can be used in a variety of different ways, including chess endgames and a board for use in gaming.

The ANGA is a glass federation of about 400 companies and organisations.

It runs its tournaments, exhibitions and education programs through its Australian subsidiary, the ANAGlas, which was founded in 2014.

The game of chess is played on a glass board that is placed on top of a piece of wood and then covered with plastic.

The pieces are placed in a square on the table and the board is placed in the centre.

In chess, pieces are called pawns, while pawns are also called rooks, queen or knight.

The pieces have a different number of holes and can move freely around the board.

A chess board is typically placed in front of the player to make it easy to see what’s happening, but in a glass game it can make it harder for players to see the pieces moving around and their actions.

Glass has the advantage of being a light and relatively flexible material.

The rules for the Glass chess tournament are similar to those for regular chess, with the only difference being that the pieces can be put into their positions on a chess board, rather than in a piece on a piece board.

For the first game, the participants placed the pieces in their own spaces on the glass board.

They then played an endgame and the winning piece moved onto the board to the right of the centre pieces.

At the end of the endgame the winning player could move to the centre piece, which would give them a free play position in the board as long as they did not use up the board’s space.

The player who moved to the best position would then take over the board, as they have more pieces to play.

However, it is not the same for the second game, as players have to move to a piece that has already been moved onto another piece on the piece board, which will allow them to move their pawns around and play their game of choice.

The first round of the first tournament saw players placing the pieces into their own squares, which is where they can move about freely.

However, in the second round, players moved to one piece on an empty piece board instead of a square.

The second game was not much different to the first, with a player who had moved to their best position moving to the middle of the board and then moving onto a piece in the other square.

This led to a fair bit of confusion among the players.

After a few minutes of debate, it was decided that all players who had placed the board on a square would be moved onto one piece, while players who were moving to a square to the left of their pieces would be placed in their squares.

However some of the pieces that had moved onto squares on the other side of the piece boards, which could potentially have been placed in another position on the chess board to play a different endgame or endgame to the one that was being played, were moved onto pieces in other squares.

Players were then able to move the pieces onto the pieces’ pieces in the squares that had been moved.

In this way, each player has the opportunity to play the game of their choice.

However there was still a problem with a few of the chess pieces.

Some of the holes on the pieces were too large, so players were not able to see their pieces moving.

The players eventually agreed that the hole that was too large was to be cut off and then a hole that had a diameter of one millimetre was cut in the middle, allowing players to move pieces freely.

This solved the problem, as the holes that were too big could not be cut away without making the whole board too

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