How to read the chess pogChamp rankings

The chess poggChamp rankings are in!

You know who you are.

There are two categories of chess players: those who win the championship, and those who lose it.

They are called grandmasters.

In the world of chess, the grandmaster is the king of chess.

They play more than 50 games per year, and are paid millions of dollars.

For the 2016 grandmaster rankings, we asked the best players to rank their peers.

Here’s how they did it. 1.

Carlsen (5) “I think it is an important honour to be on the list.

I think it’s a great honour to have the honour to represent Russia.

I was born and raised in Russia and played there for six years, and then moved to America when I was 13.

I came back to Russia in 2010, and I’ve lived in Moscow since 2012.

It’s a special place to be.”2.

Kasparov (7) “The chess world is a big place, and it’s also a very big chess market.

I’m not saying that I am not happy with the results of the championship.

But at the same time I would like to win the world championship.”3.

Giri (6) “My main focus right now is to prepare for the tournament.

It is a difficult task.

But the main priority is to try to reach the final.”4.

Viswanathan Anand (6.5) After winning the 2014 world championship, he had to withdraw from the next season due to a hip injury.

Anand said he’s going to try for another world championship in 2020.5.

Kasimdzhan Kramnik (7.5-) The reigning world champion and reigning world chess champion.

He won the 2016 Grandmaster Chess Championship in his first year, with an impressive 3-0 record.6.

Visya Kramljevic (6-4) After losing to Kaspar-Giri, Kramlov had to pull out of the next Grandmaster Games because of a hip surgery.

Kramličnik said he has a lot of motivation to compete for the title again.7.

Kasper Polgar (7-3) The winner of the 2016 World Championship and the reigning World Chess Champion.

“I’ve played all over the world.

It will be a tough competition.

It might be the toughest tournament of all time.”8.

Magnus Carlsen – The Grandmaster, the King of Chess (5.5-1) “It will be interesting to see what happens with this year’s world championship.

It depends on how we perform in this year.

The first part of the tournament is already decided, so we have to prepare well.

But it’s always interesting to play in these tournaments.

The players have such great potential.

We have to keep that in mind.”9.

Hikaru Nakamura (5-2) “At the moment I am playing at the highest level.

But I can’t be happy just because I won the World Championship.

That was a big honour for me.

I’ll keep working hard.

I don’t think about winning the title anymore.”10.

Anish Giri – The 2015 World Champion and the 2016 world champion.11.

Hikitani Nakamura – The 2014 world champion, and the 2012 World Chess champion.12.

Wesley So (6)- The reigning World Grandmaster and 2013 world chess grandmaster.13.

Alexander Grischuk – The 2013 world champion in the 2014 Grandmaster chess championships.14.

Veselin Topalov – The 2012 world chess world champion who had a very difficult 2015 season.15.

Vladimir Kramnitsky – The 2010 world champion- the 2014 World Grand Master.16.

Anastasia Kuznetsova – The 2008 world chess World Champion.17.

Wesley Kasparovic – The 2016 world chess Grandmaster.18.

Vladimir Kotov – Anand’s 2012 World Grand Prix champion.19.

Magnus Paulsen – Anastasia Kuznatskaya’s 2014 World Chess Grand Prix- a former world champion of the 2012 Grandmaster events.20.

Magnus Lantier – the 2012 world grandmaster of the 2010 World Chess Championships.21.

Visyan Petrosian – The 2011 world grandmasters champion.22.

Fabiano Caruana – The former world chess player- the former world Grandmaster of 2012- the 2012 grandmaster in the 2010 world chess championship.23.

Sergey Karjakin – The world chess champions 2012 and 2013 grandmasters in the 2008 World Chess Championship.24.

Wesley Letourneau – The 2007 world chess winner.25.

Anoop Deo – the 2007 world champion – the 2006 world champion as well.26.

Sergey Alexandrovich Grischko – the former grandmaster and the 2006 grandmaster- the 2005 world champion at the 2008 Grandmaster Championships.27.

Hikmet Ergun – the 2009 world champion for the 2008 world championships.

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