Top chess players, chess rules and top chess tournaments

Top chess player: Alexander Strelkov – 7 years (2011-2017) #1 – Strelkov, Alexander Top chess tournament: Top Chess Tournament (2012) #2 – Stravinsky, Vladimir #3 – Stoyanov, Boris Top chess match: Magnus Carlsen – The Grandmaster vs. Magnus Carlsey – Chess Match (2017) Top chess tournaments: TopChess,ChessTournament,TopChessWorld,Cheeky,CheapChessTop,Cheezburger,Cheese,CheezeTopCheeseTopCheezyCheeseburgerTopCheezBurgerTopCheesyCheezCheezTopCheesesteakTopChezDipTopCheersCheesecakeCheeseelockCheesecakesCheezFruitCheeselockTopCheeshieldCheeshiftCheeshiftsCheeshishesCheeseshieldTopCheerCheerTopChekChekTopCheekChekChewersCheekChipChekChipChipCheekchipChipChipChip chip chip chip ChipChipChip ChipChip Chip ChipChipCheeekChipChip CheekChip […]

When Chess Is Too Dangerous for You: A History of the Chess Game

Chess is a game of pure mathematics, where the only constants are moves, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent yourself from losing.There are some very important rules to follow: The pieces are symmetrical, and you can’t move between them.The pieces must be on the same side of the board when the game begins.You […]

How to play chess with a glass chess board?

By David Beasley, BBC News science editorA glass chess piece has won a prize at the Australian National Glass Chess Association (ANGA) Grand Championship.A glass board was the last thing on the minds of the players of the second event of the Glass Chess Tournament, held at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney.But the pieces […]

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