Which of these Japanese chess sets is the most themed?

The Japanese chess set is full of chess moves, including some that seem familiar to people who grew up playing chess.The games in the sets have been updated since the early 2000s, so that the players can move faster, move closer to each other, and move to a new position.And, the set also includes new […]

How to watch the Wizard Chess set documentary on the Internet in 2018

When The Wizard Chess documentary hit YouTube on January 3, the Canadian film maker had hoped to create a cinematic version of the famous video games that launched the modern world of video games.But he soon found that his video was just one of many on YouTube, where he could film his own films, and […]

How to play free chess at home

There’s no denying the popularity of free chess on Android and iOS.Now it seems Google has started offering up a free chess app on the Play Store.The company’s ChessApp lets users play the popular game without the need to download a subscription or pay.You can download it for free, but there are a few other […]

How to win a Bullet Chess tournament

“I’ve never played in a tournament before,” says former world champion Bullet chess player and commentator Tony Cingulo.“It’s been a really weird experience for me to be in a competitive setting.”Bullet chess is a popular game played in Italy and France that involves the placement of a small white piece on the chessboard.Players are taught […]

Chess for Dummies – 247 chess

D.C. United defender Chris Pontius is the latest player to sign on with the Washington Wizards to provide depth on the backline.The Wizards signed Pontius to a two-year contract with an option for a third season.His new deal will make him eligible for free agency next summer.The 26-year-old Pontius has appeared in 27 regular season […]

The first 100,000 crypto-coins will be released at Christmas 2018

The first 50,000 will be made available for free, while the remaining 100,00 crypto-computers will be sold for cash at the start of December.The first 100 cryptocurrencies will be available for download at Christmas and can be used to purchase real goods or services online.Bitcoin has been widely viewed as a tool for making transactions […]

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