Chess: How to Be a Superhero at Your Favorite Games

The chess game, known for its elaborate chessboards and intricate set pieces, has long been a favorite of movie stars, and the latest addition to the popular series of television series has fans of all ages clamoring for more of it.In the recent series Chess: The Movie, an ensemble cast of characters, including the game’s […]

Italian champions to be part of World Chess Championship 2018

Part of the first tournament of the 2018 World Chess Tour, the Champions League will kick off in the German city of Essen on April 2 and will see four Italian sides play against each other in the quarterfinals and semifinals.It is expected that both sides will play in their first major tournament in their […]

How to be the best chess player in the world?

There are some very good players out there who have mastered the art of being the best at chess, but the fact remains that it’s a very tough, long, and expensive game. It’s like playing the lottery, or getting an inheritance.It’s a difficult business.And yet, there are players who can compete with the best, and many […]

When Chess Pushes Your Minds to the Limit: The Real Life Story of Chess Beginner’s Chess

Chess Beginners, as the name implies, are those who can’t keep their chess skills up.If they keep playing a game for too long, their minds get tired, they lose interest in the game, and their brains can’t process the information quickly enough.The good news is that Chess Beginnings is a series of free, interactive videos […]

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