What do you think of the world’s top 20 chess federations?

The chess federation is a global organisation that works to promote the welfare of the chess world.

The Federation’s Board of Directors is made up of individuals and it is the main body of the Chess Federation.

Its members are elected by the Chess Society, the national governing body of chess.

It has an annual budget of $1.2 billion and works in cooperation with the Chess Association of Great Britain and Ireland (CAGGI) and the World Chess Federation (WCF).

The federation also has a number of federations that operate under different brands.

Some of these are regional federations, such as the European Chess Federation, the Asian Chess Federation and the North American Chess Federation; others are global federations.

However, the Federation is the most well known for its global role.

The Chess Federation is a major player in international chess and has a huge impact on world chess.

In 2015, it played the first ever international chess championship in Russia.

The winner of that match was Magnus Carlsen.

The federation has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of chess and in the development of its players and coaches.

In fact, in 2017, the federation won the first of two grandmasters championships at the prestigious Royal Chess Academy in the UK, which is now part of the World Championship Series.

The next grandmasters championship is to be held in the US in 2021.

The World Chess Association is also the largest federation in the world and plays a key role in promoting the advancement of the game worldwide.

The World Chess League is also a global organization that provides a platform for the world to play chess.

Its main tournaments are held in China, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The 2018 World Championship is the world chess championships for men and women, and is a worldwide event that draws hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The event has attracted over 200,000 spectators in 2019.

The 2018 event in Moscow attracted a record 1.2 million spectators and attracted 1.8 million spectators.

The CAGGI has the title of the largest chess federation in Europe and the world, with more than 10 million members.

The CAGGIC is a European association that works closely with the CAGGIS and CAGGFI.

The federation is also responsible for organising the tournaments in Russia and Germany.

The FAI is a professional chess organisation that represents all chess clubs worldwide.

It is a part of CAIG, the world governing body for chess.

The FAI has a membership of more than 3 million and plays in five federations across the world.

The International Chess Federation has played its part in the growth of chess worldwide.

In 2012, it won the World Championships in China and in 2014 it became the world champions in the World Youth Championship.

The organisation has also played a key part in promoting chess to youth across the globe.

In 2020, the International Federation of Chess was established in New York.

The International Chess Association (ICEA) was established as the global governing body, and in 2017 it won its first grandmasters’ title in the European Federation (FIDE).

The ICTF is the governing body in the ITA, which represents chess clubs in more than 80 countries.

It also represents players and referees in a number different federations and leagues around the world (including in the United States, Canada, India, South Africa, South Korea, and Australia).

The Chess Union of India (CWI) is a federation that works in partnership with the Indian Chess Federation to promote chess in India.

The Chess Union works with CAIG to provide a platform to players and referee in the Indian Federation and is part of several other federations in the country.

The IWC is the federation for the women chess, where it works closely in cooperation to improve the quality of female players.

The IWC also works to improve women’s chess in the global arena, and to support its member federations through the World Champions Trophy.

The FIDE is a member of CAIF and is the World governing body.

The FIDE’s members are drawn from all countries, including China, France, Germany, Russia and the USA.

The Confederation of American Chess (CAAC) is an international organisation that provides training and education for aspiring chess players.

It operates under the auspices of the CAI and the CAFA, as well as under the umbrella of the ICA.CAI is an umbrella organisation that comprises the CAIF, CAFA and the IFA.

It works to develop and promote chess globally and is also involved in international tournaments.CAFA is a federations organisation.

It represents the interests of federated clubs, federations or associations across the board of chess, as opposed to being the governing bodies.CAIG is the global organisation responsible for the development and maintenance of the global chess game.

The first CAIG grandmasters tournament was held in London in 2000.

The 2017 event was held at the ICTC in Singapore.

CAIG has a presence in the USA, Canada and South Africa

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