When a chess rating falls, you don’t necessarily think about the piece it represents but rather about what it represents – Al Jazeera’s Ali Mamazi

When Al Jazeera World Service’s live chess rating system goes down, it’s a major headache for the operators of some of the world’s most prominent chess pieces.

A number of commentators have warned that it’s about to be a problem for the world chess championship in 2018.

But is it really?

Is chess really changing?

It’s hard to know.

Many chess experts agree that the rating system is still quite robust, but chess players often say it is too restrictive.

They are right.

If you go to a grandmaster tournament, you can see how much of a difference the ratings make.

The chess players who are on the winning side of a chess tournament don’t have to worry about their rating going down.

They have already made the best of it.

There are no longer a number of ratings to worry over.

The ratings are now the result of the players, the tournaments, and the ranking system itself.

And the players are not as happy with the rating changes as they used to be.

They say it’s time for some reforms.

And it seems to be the case.

Al Jazeera spoke to the people who play chess in some of these countries and asked them how they feel about the rating change.

Here’s what they had to say.

In Russia Chessworld, the rating is only 1.5 points above the rating of a player who won a grand slam.

A major chess federation has suggested that it be cut to 1.3 points, which would be equivalent to the rating that players like Sergey Karjakin and David Navara earn.

That would make them the highest rated player in the world.

That is a drastic reduction from the 1.6 points they earn today.

In the Czech Republic, a number is being proposed to reduce the rating to the same level as that earned by players like Levon Aronian and Levon Chachin.

The tournament authorities in both countries are currently discussing the issue.

But they seem to be taking the idea of a ratings change with a grain of salt.

“I don’t think it will make a big difference,” said Tomas Kalinska, a retired chess player from the Czech city of Brno.

“Chess is a game of luck, so it won’t make a difference.

What we are talking about here is the ranking, not the rating.

It’s about the quality of the games, not whether you have a great rating or not.”

The chess rating is actually a little bit of a mystery, but the ratings are based on a formula called the Elo Rating.

It measures the performance of the chess player against the other players in the same tournament, and then the players who have a higher rating are awarded points.

The Elo rating has dropped dramatically in recent years, from an average of about 3,600 to just over 2,600 in 2012.

The system itself is also very difficult to understand, with a number that is a mixture of points earned and the rating in the grandmaster tournaments.

But what is it?

Al Jazeera tried to understand the system.

We sat down with players, coaches and judges to try to understand how the rating was calculated.

They also explained what the ratings mean and why they are so important.

The top ranked chess players in each country can earn up to 50,000 points in a tournament.

The ranking is then calculated based on the Elos of all the players in that tournament.

But the Elongate, the point multiplier, can be adjusted to reflect the number of games played in a season.

The points awarded to players in a particular season can be up to 2,500.

This is the Elon, and it gives a player a rating of around 6.2 points.

However, if the Eloi rating is 2.7 points higher, a player can earn around 4,500 points in the season.

So, a rating around 5.0 is the best possible rating in a grandmasters tournament.

This formula is not the same as the ratings in the traditional world championship.

A Grandmaster World Chess Championship event is run by a team of five experts from a number in between a grand masters tournament and the World Chess Cup.

These experts have a long history in the sport and they have extensive experience with the system, which allows them to set up a grand master tournament and rank the players.

They then assess each player and, if there are any questions about their play, they can take a call from the other team members.

A player’s rating is calculated by looking at the results of all those games in a given season.

There is a huge difference between the ratings awarded to the top players in one year and the ratings received in the next.

In a traditional grandmasters championship, the ratings of the top two players are often equal to the ratings given to the other top players, meaning the players have the same rating.

However in a Grand

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