Which chess player invented chess?

A story about who invented chess has been circulating online.

The story, titled Who invented chess?, began on Twitter last week.

In it, the author, who goes by @thegolfguy, says the game of chess was invented by two players, William Prentice and Charles Williams.

The two are widely credited for creating the game, which is played in chessboards with squares and a king, with pieces that move in a clockwise direction and that players have to “play” to win.

“This is a great game.

I’ve seen many people play it,” he wrote.

“I just want to know who invented it and why.”

The story has since gained more than 3,000 retweets and hundreds of comments, and has been shared thousands of times on Twitter.

The original story has been picked up by other news outlets and has since been reposted by The Golf Guy and several other sources.

In his story, the Golf Guy says the original player, William Penn, is credited with inventing chess, while Charles Williams is credited for inventing the game.

In an email, Williams said he had no idea the story was real.

“There was no way I’d ever heard of a guy named ‘the golf guy’ ever,” he said.

Williams also told The Golf Man that the story is just a story, but said he is not a member of the game’s governing body, the International Chess Federation.

Williams said that he had not been in contact with The Golf Guys since the story began circulating online, and that he has not been able to find out more about the story.

Williams is a member with the International Association of Chess Players (IACPC), which has its own governing body and is not subject to the same rules as the governing body of the chess game, the I.A.F. The IACPC is not responsible for any legal action taken by a member or by the IAC.

The Golf Club, in a statement to Business Insider, said the story has “no merit” and that Williams is not an IAC member.

“The Golf Club has no knowledge of or relationship with the Golf Guys,” the statement said.

The golf club has also not received any complaint about the article and said it had never had a relationship with Williams or the Golf Club.

The Club added that Williams has never participated in a golf tournament and has never attended a tournament.

The company also told Business Insider that it does not know what the Golf Group’s role in the creation of chess is, and declined to comment further.

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