Why do chess fans have to pay more to play?

Chess fans are in for a shock as the online casino has announced it will start charging for the use of a new app. 

The app, called Chess 2020, will allow users to buy and play chess online from their smartphones, allowing them to play for as little as $5.

“We have been working hard with the Chess 2020 team to make sure the experience is as simple and seamless as possible for everyone,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. 

“As we get feedback from our users, we’ll be sure to update our app with additional features to bring you the most competitive online chess experience for the fans.”

It is not clear if the app will be available for free, with the cost of using the app, such as the purchase of a chess set, being charged.

“Chess 2020 will be accessible for everyone who wants to play online chess,” the Chess2020 team said in the blog post.

“Chess is a very demanding sport, and we hope it will be easy for everyone to get the most out of it.”

It comes after online poker giant BlackRock said it would start charging $0.50 for any online poker session, as it tried to lure users away from online poker and into the real world.

Online poker was already becoming more competitive than the traditional game of craps and roulette, with players betting on their own hands.

But it was still only a fraction of the estimated $1 trillion a year played in the online poker industry.

The move by the global gaming giant follows the departure of online poker’s largest player, BlackRock.

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